Sunday, February 26, 2017


Petikan The New Yorker - 25 Februari 2017
Even before the White House press corps was born—in 1896, when newspapers assigned reporters to a table outside the office of Grover Cleveland’s secretary—attentive reporters irritated occupants of the White House. To hide the fact that he had a tumor, Cleveland, in 1893, disappeared from Washington for four days to have surgery aboard a friend’s yacht. In 1913, Woodrow Wilson, who hated the press’s fascination with his three daughters, accused “certain evening newspapers” of quoting him on things he meant to stay off the record. He eventually all but abandoned news conferences. It was six years before Warren G. Harding, who had been a newspaper publisher, revived the tradition...LAGI...
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Thursday, February 2, 2017

MYTV names ex-Bloomberg TV M'sia CEO Michael Chan as new chief

Petikan - Feb 1, 2017.
Former Bloomberg TV Malaysia chief executive officer (CEO) Michael Chan has been appointed the new CEO of MYTV Broadcasting Sdn Bhd, effective today.In a statement today, MYTV said 47-year-old Chan will be taking over from Datuk Hasnul Hassan, whose tenure ended yesterday...LAGI...
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Reuters Just Ordered Its Reporters To Prepare For The WORST From Trump

Trump regime has earned the dubious distinction of being named an authoritarian government by London-based Reuters News, one of the world’s most trusted outlets for breaking news and in-depth journalism. The Editor-in-Chief of Reuters, Steve Adler. The Editor-in-Chief of Reuters, Steve Adler, released an open letter to all of their news reporters around the globe, explaining how American journalists will handle the country’s first openly dictatorial government, seeking to limit press freedoms...LAGI...
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